The Green Power feature of Zigbee PRO allows battery-less devices to securely join Zigbee PRO networks, making it the most eco-friendly way to power a range of Zigbee products.


Why Green Power?

The Green Power feature of Zigbee PRO allows battery-less Zigbee products such as sensors, switches, dimmers and many others to securely join Zigbee PRO networks. These devices can now be powered just by using widely available, but often missed sources of energy like motion, light, or vibration, to name a few. For example, Green Power takes advantage of the energy used to flip a typical light switch via common energy harvesting techniques, which is powerful enough send commands through a Zigbee PRO network.

Benefits of Green Power

It is mature and sustainable

  • The Zigbee PRO Green Power feature significantly expands the energy-saving capabilities of Zigbee PRO by 5 times or more.
  • It is the backed by a standards organization of over 400 member companies and the largest market share of certified and deployed products in the IoT.
  • It is backward-compatible, meaning deployed Zigbee Green Power devices will still be interoperable years down the line.

It is reliable and robust

  • Product manufacturers can implement Zigbee into more products with confidence, knowing Zigbee is backed by a thriving, innovative and competitive ecosystem vs. proprietary and single-source technologies.
  • Devices can join larger Zigbee networks and deliver more control than ever before.

It is simple and secure

  • Green Power is built with install-it-and-forget-it simplicity
  • It is inherently protected against some of the more challenging internet security concerns.
  • Consumers can add Zigbee devices to more areas with greater ease, including locations where power is unavailable, not allowed for safety reasons, or for historical preservation purposes.


Example Device Types


Remote control
Light sensor
Occupancy header


Temperature sensor
Humidity sensor
CO² sensor
Airflow sensor
Valve actuator


Closure Devices

Closure sensors
Door locks


Energy Management

Energy consumption sensor


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zigbee PRO Green Power feature work with Zigbee PRO networks?

By creating proxies in a Zigbee router device, each Zigbee PRO Green Power device is represented as always present on the Zigbee network – even when it is not powered on or present. These proxies forward and resend packets to ensure reliable communication, especially to destination devices, called sinks, that are not in the direct radio range of the Green Power device.

What makes devices using the Green Power feature of Zigbee PRO battery-less?

Zigbee PRO devices using the Green Power feature are able to complete communication with an average 100-500 µJ (micro Joule) of energy. This energy is often created by capturing the energy used to flip a switch via common energy harvesting techniques including piezo-electric elements and dynamo/electro-mechanic converters.

What types of devices are ideal for the Green Power feature?

A variety of devices are well suited for lighting, HVAC, closures and energy management:

  • Lighting – Switch, remote control, light sensor, occupancy detector
  • HVAC – Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, CO² sensor, air flow sensor, valve actuator
  • Closure – Switch, closure sensor, door lock
  • Energy Management – Energy consumption sensor

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