Zigbee Retail Services

Smart shopping and customer service with affordable controls and innovative supply chain management.

Zigbee Retail Services is a new industry standard that will transform the retail environment for retailers and consumers alike. Zigbee Retail Services helps retailers implement multiple components of the in-store environment on a single network. This holistic approach enables retailers reduce costs, increase efficiency and obtain information about customer shopping behavior for improving services. For shoppers, Zigbee Retail Services helps enhance their shopping experience, save time and money and gives them more control of their shopping experience. Zigbee Retail Services can also be integrated with other Zigbee standards to further augment the overall benefits to the enterprise. Zigbee Retail Services allows retailers to implement multiple components of the in-store environment such as shopping, asset tracking, energy management, merchandising and marketing, and pharmacy services on a single network. This holistic approach enables retailers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and obtain information about customer shopping behavior to be used for improving services.



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Zigbee Retail Services helps seamlessly network devices such as Personal Shopping Assistants, Intelligent Shopping Carts, Electronic Shelf Labels, Asset Tracking Tags, Employee Customer Concierge and even In-Home Gateways. Zigbee Retail Services enables retailers to monitor items from their source through warehousing to in store shelves. Safety and security can be enhanced in distribution by way of asset tracking and monitoring temperature and humidity of perishables reducing spoilage and spillage. Zigbee Retail Services will support a fully integrated ecosystem of technology suppliers, merchants, distribution centers and both residential and commercial consumers in providing a standard way to purchase, fulfill, automate and monitor the purchase and delivery of goods.

Development of this standard was led by industry leading retail and wireless communications leaders including The Kroger Co., Philips, Schneider Electric, Texas Instruments, AT&T, Exegin, Nietzsche, San Juan Software, STMicroelectronics, Telecom Italia, Ubilogix, V-Mark, and Wincor-Nixdorf.  

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  • EMPLOYEE HANDSETS – Employee Customer Concierge
    • Low-cost device
    • Longer battery life
    • Secure
    • Bar code scanner/imager
    • Retailer specific loyalty applications supported
    • Basic voice support
    • Text messaging
    • Photography
    • Location information supporting task management and monitoring tools of associates
    • Location based merchandising and marketing opportunities to improve store layout for the customers’ experience
    • Supports improved supply chain management (tracking product, scheduling deliveries, optimizing supply, resources, etc. to reduce costs)
  • CONSUMER HANDSETS – Personal Shopping Assistant
    • Low-cost device
    • Long battery life
    • Secure
    • Bar code scanner for shopping
    • Tied to point-of-sales terminals for ‘scan bag and go’ type shopping
    • Retailer specific loyalty applications supported
    • Basic voice support
    • Text messaging
    • Photography
    • Location information for help functions
    • Location based merchandising and marketing opportunities to improve store layout for the customers’ experience
    • Couponing and shopping list opportunities starting in the home
    • Opt-in ability to provide alerts on ingredients and allergy issues
    • Provides a weight-in-motion scale when tied to the consumer handset to reduce loss and enable scan, bag, and go shopping
    • Variable weight scales support purchase of variable weight items such as fruit, vegetables, coffee, candies and other bulk goods automatically reported to cart to reduce shrink
    • Offers more customer display options
    • Reduced cost solution
    • Secure
    • Multi-radio
    • Both mesh and star topologies
    • Supports all Zigbee devices in the store
    • Pair with video management systems and ties video analytics to employee task management and improved customer support
    • Reduced cost solution
    • Secure
    • Zigbee sensors communicate with employee handsets
    • Monitor and alert on issues
    • Location-based task management for employees
    • Alerts for out of spec issues (high/low temperatures for foods)
    • Reduce shrink by improving processes with real time alerts and action requests
    • Long battery life from low-cost coin cells for wearable devices
    • Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors with full control of transmitted output power
    • Networking flexibility to cover entire campuses
    • Open and freely available specification based on international standards
    • Supports multiple network topologies encountered in home and professional settings
    • Highly scalable solutions for thousands of devices
    • Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, occupancy, motion detection and convenience

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    • Reduce or eliminate time in traditional checkout lines
    • Additional product information
    • Location-based help
    • Location-based sales and discount opportunities
    • Lower costs by reducing shrink and other common product losses
    • Strengthen customer relationships
    • Offers customers’ buying habits analysis
    • Enhanced task management tool
    • Green, low power technology replaces proprietary high-power consumption options on market today
    • Lower total-cost-of-ownership than existing proprietary options
    • Open standard supports competitive marketplace of multiple products that lowers cost through competition
  • EASY
    • Mesh, star and hybrid network reliability – more devices per network
    • Wireless technology eliminates cost and hassle of running wires
    • Certified interoperability, available in 2.4GHz, 915 MHz and also 868Hz band
    • Automatic features simplify use
    • Integrated security
    • AES 128 encryption secures personal information
    • Server-driven – no personal data on handheld employee or consumer devices
    • Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, occupancy, motion detection and convenience
    • Consumers can select from a variety of products to meet needs
    • Works with other Zigbee networks in consumers’ home

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