Application Level Standardization

Interoperability comes from standardization at all levels of the network, especially the application level which most closely touches the user. A critical difference between Zigbee and other technologies is the standardization of application level functionality including device definitions.

ZigBee Application Standardization


Zigbee defines over 130 devices types and related commands to ensure devices from different vendors can work together seamlessly and enable networks where the widest variety of devices can work together in innovative ways to improve comfort and efficiency in homes and business.

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The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With our members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions, we are leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.