The Zigbee Alliance: Foundation and Future of the IoT

By John E. Osborne II Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Zigbee Alliance: Foundation and Future of the IoT
January 24, 2017

The Zigbee Alliance is a leading, unifying force in the IoT and nowhere was that more apparent than at CES 2017.

To kick off the new year and rise above the noise of the Las Vegas show, we announced several important initiatives including the rebrand of the Alliance – streamlining our mainstay standard ‘Zigbee’ and the iconic red Z – and we introduced the universal language of the IoT with Dotdot.

I was very impressed with the number of products our members contributed to our booth’s wall of interoperability, all (more than 100!) working together to demonstrate the progress and possibility around our collective goal of an interconnected and interoperable smart home for consumers.

I am also impressed with how much momentum the Zigbee Alliance continues to gain as we move the industry towards this unification. We all know how important it is. We all know how hard it is. The need to quickly get out of this walled garden approach that is limiting innovation and consumer value is critical to our cause. The time is now to do this, and we have the ideal mix of members, partners and companies to get it done.

Now it’s time for the hard work. I look forward to digging in and working with the world’s leading product manufacturers like LEEDARSON, Legrand, Midea, Schneider Electric, SOMFY, Philips Lighting and many others. Principal carriers and networking companies like Comcast and Huawei stand alongside us in this quest, while startup companies from Guangzhou to Palo Alto are also aligned to not only generate revenue in the IoT, but drive real value for consumers who are ready to experience more from their everyday devices.

I hope you’ll join me in the year ahead to contribute your interests to this prominent and influential organization, this great standard-bearer that is the Zigbee Alliance.  And, when you look at your next product, I hope you’ll answer ‘Yes!’ when I ask, “Do you speak Dotdot?” :||