TCLA: Smart Lighting Simply Connected at CES 2015

Press Release: Smart Lighting Simply Connected at CES 2015

Piscataway, N.J. (January 5, 2015) – In the past years, lighting has solidified its position as cornerstone of the smart home. With Philips Hue, OSRAM Lightify and GE Link, consumers experience increasing freedom of choice. The Connected Lighting Alliance (TCLA), as leading industry consortium comprising the major lighting companies, recognizes the smart lighting market is taking off. At CES 2015, the alliance will have a global premiere in showing wireless connected residential lighting products from six major lighting companies (GE Lighting, Leedarson, LG Electronics, Lutron, OSRAM, and Philips). All these products adhere to a common open standard, ZigBee Light Link as endorsed by TCLA, which allows consumers to use a mix of products and brands at home and control them using a single wireless network.

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