OWON brings latest Smart Home System to CES

OWON Technology is bringing its newly released Smart Home system HASS6000 to the 2016 CES. This is a complete Home Automation and Security System that consists of 5 functional modules (Security, Automation, Comfort, Energy Management and Video Surveillance), which is designed in a modular topology allowing each module to be freely added or removed from the platform. Therefore, instead of a one-time investment, the home owners could start their Smart Home migration step by step from any of the 5 Starting Packs and gradually build up an ideal system specially for their home.

Such a PLUG & PLAY system not only significantly eases the installation efforts at the consumer side, so that any home can transform to a smart home within a blink; but also dramatically simplify the pre-sales efforts from the dealer aspect, thus eventually facilitating the entire distribution process. The system is ideal for:

  • Cable/Broadband operators who are seeking a Plug & Play Home Security System to enrich their value-added services
  • Home builders who are interested in a Smart Home System to enhance their property’s living experience
  • Property-management service providers who desire a well-tailored management system to facilitate their day-to-day operation
  • Consumer electronics distributors and retailers who are searching for an easy-to-install Smart Home System to minimize their pre and after sales activities


The system consists of 4 key elements: a ZigBee Smart Gateway, surrounding ZigBee devices, Cloud Server and Mobile Apps. The Home Automation Gateway is equipped with both ZigBee and Wi-Fi connectivity, which integrates the Home Area Network using its ZigBee connectivity, while connects to personal mobile devices directly or via a Cloud Server given its Wi-Fi connectivity. Customers could either install the mobile app on their own smartphones, or choose OWON’s pre-integrated tablet as the control panel. Meanwhile, the users could also simply use a Mini ZigBee remote control whilst at home.

SmartOWONTM is the complete technical platform behind the scene that covers each segment of this IoT solution including:

  • Reliable ZigBee Local Area Network backed with mature Node Management Technology;
  • Finished integration with various surrounding ZigBee Home Automation and Security devices;
  • Complete ZigBee to IP conversion to ease the design at the application level without any ZigBee knowledge required;
  • Open interface and detailed documentation at each layer to facilitate system integration at different level.

By offering Mobile App Software Development Kit (SDK) and System Communication Protocol Interface (CPI), OWON’s partners are allowed to create and maintain their own software ecosystem from( the) scratch, on top of OWON’s hardware platform, thus allowing flexibility to  tailor their system with unique user’s experience for various applications. OWON also offers customization service on its Smart Gateway to facilitate the integration with third-party existing Cloud Server when the Application Program Interface (API) is provided.

About OWON
OWON Technology (part of LILLIPUT Group) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Original Design Manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacturing of electronic and computer-related products worldwide since 1993.

Backed by a solid foundation in embedded computer and LCD display technology, and by partnering with major industry players, OWON further integrates IOT technologies into its technology mix. Thus, offering both standardized products and customized solutions for utilities, cable and broadband operators, home builders, property management, and contractors, as well as the retail market. OWON’s line of ZigBee technologies covers Smart Energy, Home Automation, and Light Link.

  • Full-line technical service including industrial & structural design, hardware & PCB design, firmware & software design, and system integration;
  • 20-plus years of manufacturing experience backed by a mature and efficient supply chain;
  • Stable and consistent human resources as well as active employee involvement thanks to a humane corporate culture;
  • The combination of “international presentation” and “made in China” guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction without sacrificing cost effectiveness.