OSRAM SYLVANIA Continues to Lead Smart Home Market with Industry First LIGHTIFY Solutions at CES

– LIGHTIFY Portfolio Delivering Cost Effective Controllability and Expanding Beyond Lighting to Offer More Convenience with Smart Plug

Las Vegas and Wilmington, Mass. – At 2016 International CES®, North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA is expanding the functionality of the automated home by growing the LIGHTIFY® portfolio with first of its kind and cost effective solutions designed to help enhance convenience, service and security. Industry firsts include the LIGHTIFY Switch and Outdoor Flex RGBW, and the company is also unveiling the cost effective LIGHTIFY Plug, which makes nearly any electronic device smart and connected. Robust LIGHTIFY RGBW and Tunable White light bulbs, in addition to entry level On/Off/Dim versions, are also now available for purchase in a variety of form factors. The RGBW lights are also the only ones on the market that can go down to a warm candlelight glow of 1900K at any brightness.

LIGHTIFY is a comprehensive portfolio of lighting products and accessories offering intelligent automation for consumers and businesses alike via the LIGHTIFY app. Beginning with the LIGHTIFY Gateway, the portfolio enables users to have even more convenient control of their lighting and electronics, optimize their environments, improve efficiency, and help save time and energy. For example, with LIGHTIFY, consumers can modify their lighting to be a cool white when they wake up to help encourage alertness, and a warm white in the evening for a relaxing ambiance. LIGHTIFY can also help them feel safer by setting schedules for lights to be on inside when they aren’t at home or outdoors at night. Unlike other offerings, LIGHTIFY light sources use the ZigBee Home Automation standard, which means that out of the box they will work with your favorite brand of home automation ecosystems. The Gateway can also operate other smart lighting devices from a variety of manufacturers that are ZigBee Home Automation certified.

“As a lighting leader, our mission is to offer the best smart lighting solutions that make people’s lives better by enhancing convenience, comfort and security,” said Aaron Ganick, head of Smart Home Americas, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “In addition to the variety of lighting options available, we are expanding LIGHTIFY further in the smart home category to include accessories like the LIGHTIFY Plug and Switch that offer practical support for controlling your home or business. We offer consumers and businesses one of the widest portfolios of smart home products that have real world benefits.”

Make Electronic Devices Smart and Connected with the LIGHTIFY Plug
Consumers can now automate nearly any electronic device in their home or business with the introduction of the cost effective LIGHTIFY Plug. Featuring a sleek look and small form factor unique to the market, the Plug enables users to group and control electronics via the LIGHTIFY app. For example, consumers can remotely activate window unit air conditioners shortly before arriving home to cool off your house without wasting energy having it on all day when you are not home. The Plug can also alleviate stress by allowing you to turn off those items you may have left on after leaving the house like a TV or radio. The Plug is one of the most cost effective products of its kind with a MSRP in the United States of $29 and will be available for purchase in late Spring at Amazon.com. It is available in Europe now at ELV for €29.95.

Create Your Preferred Mood with a Tap of the First of its Kind LIGHTIFY Switch
Consumers now have the ability to dim their smart lighting regardless of what type of wiring they have in their home without needing their mobile devices. Dimming via the LIGHTIFY app is always an option, but users now have increased convenience with first of its kind, low cost, easy-to-install, battery powered LIGHTIFY Switches that are wire free and unobtrusive. The LIGHTIFY Switch can program up to four or eight different lighting settings, depending on the version, and features intuitive handling. The LIGHTIFY Switch offers fast toggling between predefined settings via two or four buttons that react differently from a short tap versus a long press. After an easy, one-time set up via the LIGHTIFY app, settings become conveniently accessible without having to open the app or even be connected to WiFi and can help make your life easier. For instance, for lighting over a dining room table, scenes could be created for brighter cool white light to aid in concentrating over homework and dimmed warmer light for meal time, all accessed by a tap of the Switch. The two button Switch has an MSRP of $29.99 and is available now on Amazon.com. The four button version will launch in Europe at the beginning of this year at ELV for €49.95.

“Just because our products are becoming smarter, does not mean that consumers will need to be glued to their smart devices 24/7,” said Ganick.  “The introduction of battery powered switches that do not require the use of a smart phone for daily operation, and the plug that can automate consumer electronic devices based on schedules and scenes, allows consumers to take a step back from their smart home, and begin to enjoy life’s moments that used to be consumed by apps and mobile devices.”

Illuminate the Outdoors for Any Occasion with LIGHTIFY
The first to market LIGHTIFY Outdoor Flex RGBW offers flexible, colorful and convenient control of your outdoor lighting year round. The 16-foot long flexible strip can wrap around lamp posts, deck railings, under stairs and offers color changing, tunable white and dimming capabilities. Users can now experience the convenience of installing outdoor lighting once with the ability to change colors according to the holidays or personal preferences. The LIGHTIFY Outdoor Flex RGBW will be available for purchase at Amazon.com in Spring with an MSRP of $89.99.

Color Changing and Tunable White LED Lighting for a Variety of Applications in Homes and Businesses
LIGHTIFY RGBW products now available include a variety of form factors such as A19 for traditional lamps as well as BR30 and RT5/6 for recessed lighting. Dimmable products offer versatile customization from thousands of different colors and a range of color temperatures from candlelight (1900K), an industry exclusive, to daylight (6500K) at any brightness. Also, unlike other products on the market, they offer a true green lighting experience which creates a higher quality colored and white light. LIGHTIFY RGBW A19 bulbs, BR30 bulbs and RT5/6 Recessed Downlight Kits have MSRPs of $39.99, $44.99 and $49.99 respectively and can be purchased now at Amazon.com.

Additional products in the LIGHTIFY portfolio on display at CES include the first to market On/Off/Dim PAR38 bulbs, available on Amazon.com in early Spring, in addition to Tunable White A19 bulbs and indoor Flex RGBW available for purchase now at Amazon.com. The Tunable White and On/Off/Dim A19, BR30 and RT5/6 are also available at Lowe’s. The On/Off/Dim A19 Starter Kit with Gateway is also exclusively at Lowe’s with a MSRP of $45. For more information about LIGHTIFY, please visit www.osramamericas.com/lightify or the ZigBee Member Pavilion at Booth #71344 in the Sands Expo at CES January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas.

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