NEWS: The Internet of things adopts the main consideration of ZigBee IP while employing

Quite a lot of discussions are about the Internet of things and hundreds of millions of that will dispose soon but interface unit recently. Most of these apparatuses are not intellectual mobile phone or other communication apparatuses, but those can make family, factory, car and other and multi system report controllers and sensors of wireless connections of us, and allow their more valid operation under the long-range processor or hand control.

For meet such ubiquitous Internet of things, connect demand, must have one meet but the intersection of interface unit and network standard of demand. The technology of the honeycomb is too complicated, use it to increase the cost greatly, and will not support these most apparatus required battery life-span to require.

It is sensory and controlling the applied ZigBee standard to already emerge for many years to be used for. And ZigBee IP norm released in 2013 by ZigBee alliance promises to offer jointless Internet for wireless sensor network to connect, especially intellectual electric wire netting application, will get the further support of ZigBeeSmartEnergyIP protocol stack.