NEWS: Defining the IoT, Part Four: A Gauntlet Of Challenges

Sensor makers may actually have it easier than other EOEMS in that they already have viable products in many areas, i.e., temperature, humidity, pressure, motion, audio, video, etc. Sensors, in the simplest arrangement, will just need to interface with the internet and allow remote access.

However, the way these established sensors connect to the internet is another story. Will it be a wired or wireless interface? Obviously it will be both wired and wireless, but, judging by how the majority of people work now, the most prevalent connection will be wireless.

Will the norm be a massive array of discrete sensors? To some degree a lot of discrete sensors will be around, but sensor fusion, the integration of diverse sensors on a single chip or in one package, will become the norm. It will be an extremely long time before the electronics industry stops trying to squeeze five pounds of mortadella in a one-ounce bag.

That being said, it begs the question what are the biggest challenges facing sensor makers in getting on board with IoT apps? Is it software, hardware, interfacing, wireless connectivity, security, integration, other?

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