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Zigbee Alliance in Commercial

Smart building solutions are a top priority for a variety of commercial industries including office, hospitality, medical, education, retail, and manufacturing. Zigbee technology is quickly becoming the top choice in commercial solutions when it comes to energy savings, efficient space utilization, improvement of working conditions, enhancing employee satisfaction and improving building maintenance.

Modern smart building environments depend on many different applications and connected devices working in concert. This includes connected lighting, efficient energy control, climate and HVAC control, daylight and window blind systems, room assignment and access control, safety, and many more use cases.

Historically, most connected applications were based on a proprietary, siloed and non-interoperable systems. This led to complexity, extra costs and missed opportunities to embrace the benefits of truly connected buildings.

With Zigbee technology, these applications and devices work seamlessly together in an integrated environment to allow for easy installation, retrofitting, and maintenance. Additionally, a truly integrated environment opens the door to advanced monitoring and analysis, end-to-end security, interoperability between devices and efficient use of resources.


This is where Zigbee comes in. Zigbee is the world’s most popular Internet of Things (IoT) standard. Based on proven technology that is currently in use in millions of connected devices and backed by key players in the industry and a strong industry alliance consisting of hundreds of companies, it is the ideal solution for wireless commercial building applications.

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