Improve Food Safety: Zigbee-based Temperature Monitoring Solution from Wincor Nixdorf and Telaid

Food safety is improving across supermarkets as retailers adopt game-changing temperature monitoring controls based on Zigbee sensors and an innovative solution from Wincor Nixdorf and Telaid. The RSI Temperature Monitoring Solution will be on display in booth #1853 at the NRF Big Show January 17-20 in New York.

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How to Improve Food Safety with Temperature Monitoring Solution from Wincor Nixdorf

As food safety concerns heighten, food retailers feel a great responsibility to ensure the safe storage, handling, transport and disposal of food. An added regulatory driving force in the industry is the much-anticipated Food Safety Modernization Act. An effective food safety management program requires well-trained staff and properly monitored equipment to reliably maintain perishable items at safe temperatures in both cooled and heated storage and service areas. The food safety system must be applied consistently across multiple stores, districts, and divisions.

In the face of increased regulation, many retailers have painstakingly taken steps to ensure manual verification and documentation of temperature-controlled containers at regular intervals. To further complicate matters, depending on the city, county, or state authorities in play in a particular store, the frequency of reporting and audit details may vary. Whatever details apply in a particular location, one thing remains constant: food safety compliance requires significant amounts of time, manpower, and paperwork.

Where many saw only the continuing problem, Wincor Nixdorf and its partners recognized temperature monitoring and food safety management systems as a solution in the making. Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retail banks and the retail industry, with a special focus on business process optimization. With operations in about 130 countries and branch offices in 42 countries, Wincor Nixdorf has been a solution provider to the world’s retailers for decades.

Wincor Nixdorf partnered with a major supermarket retailer to develop the Retail Site Intelligence (RSI) Temperature Monitoring Solution. This simple yet powerful solution includes the hardware and software necessary to automate the process of monitoring temperature controlled units, proactively alerting food retailers of failures in the system so that they can be addressed immediately.

Operating on Zigbee wireless infrastructure, the RSI Temperature Monitoring Solution comes complete with:

  • Wireless temperature sensors for easy installation and relocation
  • 7 – 10 year battery life
  • Washable, NSF-certified sensors for use in food handling
  • Intuitive software for easy system management
  • Automated email and SMS alerts for quick notification and response
  • Intelligent management of expected behaviors such as defrost cycles

Using the RSI Temperature Monitoring Solution, this grocery giant was able to ensure the integrity of temperature-controlled units, conveniently and consistently. Previously, employees had to regularly visit each case, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Using the RSI solution, these units are monitored 24/7 and alerts are automatically triggered when the temperature of any one unit falls outside the prescribed limits. This allows the retailer to relocate food immediately so that it is not compromised, reducing losses associated with food spoilage.

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The shift to ubiquitous wireless temperature monitoring immediately leads to substantial savings in maintenance and energy efficiency. For example, whereas an ordinary multi-deck cold food display case likely has just one temperature sensor, RSI sensors are easy to install every few feet. This makes it straightforward to independently monitor individual refrigeration systems within the same case. In the past, if one section of the case had a problem with a refrigerant leak, fan malfunction, overstocked case, or a clogged vent, the issue would go undetected. The neighboring refrigeration systems in adjacent sections of the case would run longer and work harder, consuming more energy and requiring more intensive maintenance. With RSI, the same situation can be detected immediately, resulting in an electronic notification to a store or department manager, who can then diagnose the problem and issue a maintenance request or a corrective action to staff.


Aside from the obvious applications such as temperature monitoring for cold bunkers, glass door walk-ins, deli cases and heated take-out service cases, new and innovative applications were also discovered. These monitors have been deployed in server rooms to ensure that mission-critical computer and network equipment does not overheat. The solution has also been extended from food safety to pharmacies where it is used to monitor refrigerators containing temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines. The software maintains a detailed historical record of temperature monitoring and data points for easy review during audits and inspections, and at the same time makes it easy to identify and act on exceptions.

Telaid played a leading role in the first deployment of this game-changing solution. Telaid lent deployment expertise, installing systems in hundreds of stores across the country on an aggressive timeframe and during off-peak shopping hours. The supermarket retailer could not be happier and is eager to share this tool, which will improve food safety throughout the industry: a win-win for everyone.

To explore the possibilities for advancing your food safety efforts, we invite you to experience the RSI Temperature Monitoring Solution for yourself at the NRF Big Show, January 17 – 20 in New York. Visit Wincor Nixdorf and Telaid at booth #1853.