Delivering on the Open IoT as Zigbee Reaches 2,200 Certifications Milestone

By: Victor Berrios, Vice President of Technology, the Zigbee Alliance

I am extremely proud to announce that the Zigbee Alliance has now surpassed 2,200 Zigbee Certified implementations. That’s over 2,200 Zigbee products and Zigbee Compliant Platforms from members across the globe contributing toward a more connected, interoperable world.

Standards bodies love to talk about certifications and boast about their numbers. But beyond a brag-worthy metric, what does it mean for you and for the Internet of Things (IoT) for Zigbee to have reached this number of certifications?

The Zigbee Certified program ensures that quality, interoperable Zigbee products are available for product developers, ecosystem vendors, service providers and their customers. Zigbee Certification means that a product has completed thorough, standardized testing at leading test labs around the world, ensuring that products that carry the Zigbee Certified mark will interoperate. Zigbee is a full-stack technology, from the radio to the application layer. That means Zigbee products don’t just connect to each other, but can interact and interoperate with each other out of the box without you or your users dealing with the headache of establishing complex connections between devices.

If you’re a product developer, it means that Zigbee is a robust, well-deployed, low-risk technology with a diverse, global supply chain including many Zigbee Complaint Platforms to build from. More importantly, it means your Zigbee products will enter a large, established (and growing) market for Zigbee devices. With built-in interoperability at the application layer as part of the standard, it means your products will work with any other Zigbee Certified product out there, giving you a large addressable market with a single product implementation.

If you’re an ecosystem vendor or service provider, it means you and your users can choose from a global ecosystem of Zigbee Certified products from multiple vendors in every category of the IoT. Out-of-the-box interoperability means greater choice for you and your users without integration headaches or stranded assets.

If you’re a user, whether consumer or commercial, it means you can purchase Zigbee Certified products, knowing that because they’re built on an open, global standard they will work with whatever Zigbee smart home or commercial platform you’re using today or tomorrow. No one wants an obsolete light bulb.

2,200 certifications prove that Zigbee continues to be the leading organization addressing the needs of the IoT. The growing number of Zigbee Certified products is a reflection of steady market demand, continued deployments and industry support around the low-power wireless technology for the IoT.

This milestone is the work of hundreds of global manufacturers that have designed products using Zigbee-based standards for the smart home, building, and connected city environments. The top 10 Zigbee product certifiers are: Philips Lighting, Legrand, IKEA of Sweden, Schneider Electric, Toshiba Corporation, Landis+Gyr, Neuhaus Lighting Group, Itron, Osram Sylvania, and Busch-Jaeger Elektro. For a list of all Zigbee Alliance members, click here.

According to Business Insider, there will be 24 billion IoT devices by 2020. With the industry moving from complex and closed ecosystems to more open platforms, the Zigbee Alliance’s role to be the foundation and future for a simple, open IoT remains relevant, strong, and more important than ever.

To certify your products alongside these leading companies and take part in a truly interoperable Internet of Things, visit, or email [email protected].