Compatible with All Power Distribution Systems: Wulian’s Smart Switch Awarded the CB Certificate from TÜV Rheinland

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Compatible with All Power Distribution Systems:
Wulian’s Smart Switch Awarded the CB Certificate from TÜV Rheinland

Greater China – [24 May, 2017] – TÜV Rheinland Group awarded a CB Certificate to the new smart switch, “L/L+N wiring self-adaptive lighting control switch,” developed by Wulian Co., Ltd. By receiving this certificate, Wulian’s smart switch is prepared to comply with international regulations and enter the global market

Executives from both TÜV Rheinland and Wulian attended the certification awarding ceremony in Wulian’s headquarters in Nanjing. This included:

  • Shu Xu, Unit General Manager of Commercial Products (TÜV Rheinland Greater China)
  • Kun Hou, Unit General Manager of Electrical Accessories & Commercial Products (TÜV Rheinland Greater China)
  • Ren Zhong, Vice President (Wulian)
  • Jian Zhu, Vice President (Wulian), Vice Chairman of the Board (Zigbee® Alliance)

executives holding certification

With the development of artificial intelligence in recent years, Smart Home ideas and products are winning the hearts of people. More and more businesses are targeting this rising industry, which brings forth intensified competition within the Smart Home industry.

As a leading Internet of Things (IoT) equipment and solutions supplier, Wulian continues to deliver innovative products in fields such as IoT sensors, controllers, mobile IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data. Wulian’s Smart Home products and solutions are being used in many key projects around the world, and the company has become one of the major promoters for the IoT Smart Home industry.

Due to its intelligent control and energy-saving features favored by its users, Smart Switch has become a distinguished product in the Smart Home marketplace. The wiring of the power distribution in switch cartridges can be categorized into L wiring (single Live line wiring) and N+L wiring (Neutral line + Live line wiring) distributions, and different wirings in power distribution can produce intelligent switch products with completely different designs. Although these switches’ functions and structures may seem identical, under different wirings in power distribution, L wiring switch and L+N wiring switch are just not compatible with each other. For this reason, Wulian exclusively developed the “L/L+N wiring self-adaptive lighting control switch,” which has the absolute advantage in being compatible to all types of power distribution systems in the world.

smart switch

Before introducing the Smart Switch product to the market, Wulian applied for a Global CB Certificate from TÜV Rheinland. After communications and working with the core technical teams from both sides, the new smart switch was able to finally pass all the stringent tests based on the IEC 60669 standards, and meet the technical and quality standards of a technologically innovative product.

With the Smart Home concept developing as an unstoppable trend, there are more and more unconventional electrical accessories being designed and introduced to the market. Because of the nature of diversity and universality in these products, they have been widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, electronic products, and power tools. Whendesigning a circuit, two key elements are power control and signal transmission. However, the variability in products often tends to cause some manufacturers to have misunderstandings on corresponding standards, which is usually accompanied by certain safety concerns such as electrical shock, burning, explosion, faulty mechanical durability, and structural instability.

In the field of electrical accessories, TÜV Rheinland is not only the world-leading service provider in product safety and certification, but also provides testing and certification services for all types of new and innovative electrical accessories (such as household plugs/sockets, household converters, household wire reels, industrial plugs/sockets/connectors, connectors for electric vehicles, household wall switches, timers, and remote controls) based on the BQB, CE-RED, Zigbee, FCC, IC, and TELEC standards. The internationally recognized test labels from TÜV Rheinland’s CP Certification will help its clients in complying with regulations in different countries such as Europe, the United States, Middle East, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Japan, and Israel, and therefore promotes successful entrance into international markets.