4 Under $400: Get Started with ZigBee Today

ZigBee Alliance Starter KitOur readers are often interested in ZigBee technology but don’t know how to get started. Here are four starter kits you can order online to get started with ZigBee today!

  • The AIR module Booster Pack Kit for ZigBee applications by Anaren eases the development of products intended to wirelessly communicate in compliance with ZigBee standard. This kit provides “out of the box” wireless connectivity for easier development of applications based on ZigBee, and you can find it for under $150.
  • ZBOSS v1.0 by DSR Corporation is a high-performance, small memory footprint, cross-platform ZigBee development solution. Currently, the following platforms are supported by ZBoss v1.0: MCU 8051, ARM 11, and Linux x86. The easiest way to go with this product is to use a Texas Instruments radio: CC2531 USB EMK.
  • The Rapid HA Development Kit by MMB Networks includes all the hardware and software tools you need to develop a market-ready ZigBee Home Automation device. The ZigBee hardware supplied in the kit comes pre-loaded with RapidHA firmware that automates the ZigBee Home Automation standard.
  • Telegesis offers two kits for under $400, the ETRX357DVKA Development Kit and the Home Automation Evaluation Kit. The ETRX357 kit is the ideal starting point for development and evaluation of the ETRX3 Module family, allowing a ZigBee mesh network to be set up in a few minutes without the need for any embedded software. The Telegesis Home Automation Evaluation Kit includes a Home Automation Combined Interface and a 5-in-1 device. The CI is a device which is capable of controlling and monitoring other devices on a ZigBee Home Automation network.

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