zigbee Interoperability 

Authors: Shashank Goel, Global Product Marketing Manager at NXP Semiconductors and Musa Unmehopa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at the zigbee alliance and Senior Director Standards & Regulations at Philips Lighting

Date: Q2 2017

Overview: Interoperability is a key driver to ensuring the Internet of Things will be all that we hope it will be – the next chapter in wireless that delivers meaningful and enchanted interactions between humans and their devices. Interoperability is a critical requirement to take consumer embracement to the next level. We all want the freedom to pick and choose devices and not be siloed by one brand as we build our individually tailored smart environments. And, we want the assurance that when these new additions arrive home they’ll play nicely (and easily) with those already in place. Manufacturers are wagering on interoperability to ensure their technology investments are future proof, and that their devices can sell into large, established markets. Application developers seek interoperability so they can imagine and design apps for the largest ecosystem of compatible devices. Organizations guiding the IoT must lead with interoperability to solve the challenges currently hindering the connected landscape. It’s truly the catalyst that will sail us all across the IoT chasm. Continue reading to learn how product manufacturers designing for this burgeoning market can achieve game-changing interoperability in several ways today.

Brought to you by the zigbee alliance’s ‘zigbee 3.0 Task Force’.

Securing the Wireless IoT

Date: Q1 2017

Overview: Since 2002, the zigbee alliance and its member companies have created standards, certification programs, and tools to develop interoperable products for the low-­‐power wireless Internet of Things (IoT). zigbee standards are in well over a billion devices worldwide. We are very aware of the ever-­‐changing security landscape, and provide our members with a complete set of security tools to use in their products. With the release of the ZigBee 3.0 standard (now referred to simply as zigbee) in early 2016, we provided an enhanced toolbox for product designers and eco-­‐system owners to implement robust networks and choose the right balance of security policies and ease of deployment. The zigbee alliance monitors security trends in the industry and works with researchers and white hats to continuously update offerings to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Brought to you by the zigbee alliance’s ‘zigbee 3.0 Task Force’.