Join the Zigbee Alliance and shape the future of the Internet of Things

The Zigbee Alliance is leading the global evolution of the Internet of Things and creating a time when you can Control Your World. Zigbee simplifies wireless product integration and speeds time to market, while reducing costs and risks for product manufacturers looking to introduce energy-efficient wireless control into their products. Our Alliance members work side by side in an open, global environment, sharing their expertise to create our innovative standards that offer reliable, secure, low-power and easy-to-use wireless communication.Our members collaborate using a globally-recognized open standards development processes to guide their work. The Alliance is organized by committees, work groups, study groups, task forces and special interest groups. Regular teleconferences, face-to-face meetings and test events allow members to network with one another and build lasting relationships for the future.

Membership Levels

Membership Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Forms

Why Join the Zigbee Alliance?

Hundreds of organizations from around the world are driving the future of Zigbee standards. They’re also creating new opportunities for themselves along the way.

  • Learn and shape IoT standards
    • Influence the direction and development of our standards
    • Gain market lead with the earliest access to draft standards before they are made public
    • Get to market early!
  • Develop IoT products and services
    • Differentiate by adding wireless control and IoT functionality
    • Improve your products interoperability by testing with other members
    • Certify your product to use the Zigbee Certified logo
  • Be a part of the Zigbee ecosystem
    • Connect with thought leaders and network with other members
    • Gain access to established markets and create new opportunities
    • Collaborate with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry
    • Benefit from growing market awareness of Zigbee
  • Promote your products and services
    • Connect with potential customers in the Zigbee Alliance
    • Use Alliance promotional tools

Membership Levels

There are three membership in the Zigbee Alliance to help your organization meet its goals. Each membership comes with different rights and benefits:

  • Adopter: Offers access to final, approved specifications, use of the Zigbee Member logo, participation in interoperability events, workshops and developers conferences.
  • Participant: Offers full participation in all Alliance committees, work/task groups and member meetings. Participants earn voting rights in work groups and have early access to all Zigbee Alliance standards and specifications in development.
  • Promoter: Offers automatic voting rights in all work groups, final approval rights on all standards and a seat on the Alliance Board of Directors.

All active Alliance members can leverage the global marketing efforts of the Alliance as it promotes use of Zigbee standards.

Benefits At A Glance

Zigbee Alliance Member Benefits Promoter
Receive a seat on the Board of Directors
Ratify proposed specifications
Automatic Voting Rights in all work groups
Right of first refusal on Open House Platinum sponsorships
Contribute input to requirements documents
Contribute intellectual property (IP) to specification(s) and provide input into the specification evolution
Gain early access to Zigbee specifications, be the first to market
Receive access to final, ratified Zigbee specification(s)
Eligible as candidate for Technical Committee
Propose committees and work items
Attend committee meetings
Participate and vote in work groups
Vote on proposed specifications
Eligible to chair work groups
Attend Zigbee Alliance face-to-face member meetings
Attend Alliance interoperability test events
Attend Alliance workshops and developers conferences
Participate in marketing events
Participate in press-release development
Attend and exhibit at Alliance trade show booths
Use Zigbee Alliance logo (within usage guidelines)
Receive Zigbee Alliance marketing collateral
Access Zigbee Alliance Members’ Area web pages
Access Zigbee Alliance Adopters Area web pages
Access Alliance e-mail reflectors
Access to work group e-mail reflectors, teleconferences and documents
Receive Zigbee Alliance Member Newsletter
* Promoter membership fee does not include the first-year $25,000 initiation fee. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Bunker, Director of Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company wants to develop Zigbee products for sale, does it need to be a member of the Alliance?
Membership in the Zigbee Alliance is required if an organization uses the Zigbee brand (name, logos, interoperability icons). It is also required to request Zigbee Certified status for products or to participate in the development of Alliance standards and specifications.

I am a subcontractor for a Zigbee member company, do I need to be a member?
No. If you have been contracted by a member company to perform work on their behalf, you are not required to join the Zigbee Alliance.

I am a homeowner, end-user, academic, student, installer of Zigbee products, do I need to be a member of the Alliance?
No. Zigbee is an open standard and simply using Zigbee or a product based on Zigbee does not require membership. Alliance membership is required to use the Zigbee Certified program, participate in the standards development process, or to take advantage of other benefits of membership.

If my company uses a Zigbee module in my product, do I need to be a member?
The Zigbee Alliance Intellectual Property Rights Policy does not require membership for the use of Alliance Intellectual Property. We do recommend companies join the Alliance to access additional benefits available only to members like eligibility for the Zigbee Certified Program, usage of Alliance trademarks, etc.

My company is a distributor, reseller or retailer of Zigbee products, do I need to be a member?
The Zigbee Alliance Intellectual Property Rights Policy does not require membership for the resell/distribution of products which implement Alliance Intellectual Property. We do recommend companies join the Alliance to access additional benefits available only to members like eligibility for the Zigbee Certified Program, usage of Alliance trademarks, etc.

When should my organization join?
Alliance membership is recommended before you create a product you plan to sell. By joining early, you’ll learn about the latest Zigbee innovations, stay abreast of ongoing technical information, benefit from Alliance marketing activities and acquire the legal rights necessary to sell your product with the Zigbee brand.

If your company decides to develop a Zigbee product based upon your own manufacturer-specific profile, the Alliance requires you to use a unique private profile identifier to ensure your products can successfully co-exist with other Zigbee products. The Alliance issues unique private profile IDs to members upon request at no charge. To request an ID, email [email protected] for further assistance.

Who can use the Zigbee Name and Logo?
The name “Zigbee” and our logo are Registered trademarks of the Zigbee Alliance. Each of our standards and their accompanying icons are also trademarked. With the exception of Fair Use rules, the use of any Alliance branding is contingent upon active membership in the Alliance. Specific procedures and requirements are defined in Zigbee Membership, Designations and Logos Policy.

Who should join?
While the Zigbee Alliance makes its standards available for public review and some organizations may even use Zigbee standards, not every organization must join the Alliance. Some organizations that aren’t required to join the Alliance do so simply to gain valuable inside knowledge and position themselves as experts. They also make valuable contacts within the Alliance and the standards development world. Organizations that aren’t required to join but often do join include regulators, governments, service providers, consultants and resellers.

Below, you’ll find some common scenarios to help organizations determine when membership is required.

Organization Scenario Membership Required?
Companies creating/designing certified products for sale using Zigbee Alliance standards Yes
Companies who want use “Zigbee” or other Alliance trademarks* Yes
Companies who wish to participate in Zigbee Alliance standards development Yes
Companies offering services and reselling Zigbee products No
Companies using Zigbee Certified products designed by others No
Sub-contractor to existing Zigbee member No
Homeowner, Retailer, Installer, Architect, and Interior Designer No
*not representative of all situations, see Zigbee Membership, Designations and Logos Policy Document

Membership Forms

The Zigbee Alliance offers three memberships: Promoter, Participant and Adopter. You can find the right level of membership to meet your budget and willingness to get involved. We’ve made joining the Alliance an easy process:

Zigbee Alliance
508 Second Street, Suite 206
Davis, CA 95616

Please note: the membership dues are for a twelve month period and renewable on the anniversary of the membership contract.

Upon receipt of your completed documents, a membership invoice will be sent to the contact specified on the agreement within three business days. (All membership applications are subject to review and acceptance by the Zigbee Alliance.)

We look forward to having your organization join the hundreds of other organizations shaping the future of the Internet of Things in the Zigbee Alliance. If you have additional questions, please contact us.


The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With our members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions, we are leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.