Certification Transfer Program


Opening June 1, 2018

The Zigbee Alliance is opening a new Certification Program that makes it easier for companies to join the Alliance Certified ecosystem


New! Our Certification Transfer Program allows companies to:

  • Easily and affordably implement Certified Products from Alliance Participant and Promoter member companies, and re-certify these products under a different company name and/or brand.
  • Carry the Certified logo on products that successfully complete the requirements of the program.


Open to companies with revenues less than $10M USD per year

Alliance members of all levels can take advantage of this program today. For new companies wishing to implement certified products, the only requirement is that company revenues must be less than $10M USD per year.


The Certification Transfer Program allows companies to:

Companies can re-certify products under a different company name, as long as the product:

  1. Has not undergone any Zigbee functional changes from the originally certified product, and;
  2. Seeks certification under the same program, device type, and device capabilities as the originally Certified Product


Program benefits

  • Join the Alliance ecosystem of Certified products without being a Zigbee member or expert.
  • Build on the thousands of Zigbee Alliance Certified products across the globe.
  • Focus on tailoring a product to the end user without having to modify the core networking functionalities.
  • Access to the Zigbee Alliance network of member companies that offer products facilitating expedited product development with Zigbee technology.


How to join this program and certify a device

For companies that are not already Alliance members, please complete the following:

1. Review:

2. Register your company and product on the Alliance Certification tool. Link coming soon.

3. Submit $500 certification listing fee per device transferred.



Certification Transfer Program: FAQs


What are the company qualifications to join the program?

The Certification Transfer Program is open to companies with revenues less than USD 10M a year. The program is already available to all Zigbee Alliance Members in good standing.


Which products qualify for the transfer program?

  • Any product that has been certified to Zigbee 3.0
  • Any product that has been certified to Smart Energy 1.2a or 1.4


What changes to the previously certified product are allowed as part of the program?

  • Product packaging changes (color, shape, etc.)
  • Changes in the user interface that do not affect Zigbee functionality (color display versus B&W, push-button light switch versus paddle switch, etc.)
  • Hardware configuration changes that do not affect Zigbee functionality (changing location of a read switch, change of button location, etc.)


Which companies can my company transfer products from?

Participant and Promoter members of the Zigbee Alliance are able to register their certified products to be part of the certification transfer program.  Once registered, you will see a full list of products available to transfer when you are entering an application for certification.


Will my product be listed on the Zigbee Alliance Certified Products page?

Yes, once the transfer is approved, your product will be listed on the Alliance Certified Products page here:


Have more questions? Please contact us at [email protected].

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