ZigBee Network Devices Overview  

ZigBee Network Devices is the category for device specific standards designed to assist and expand ZigBee PRO-based networks. These universal devices can work on just about any ZigBee PRO network. They also work with  most ZigBee standards. ZigBee Gateway is the first standard to join this category and work is underway to develop standards for bridge and range extender devices.

ZigBee Gateway

ZigBee Gateway offers a global standard to connect many types of ZigBee networks to the Internet or with service providers, including telecom operators, utilities, and retail and health management organizations.

ZigBee Gateway makes it easy to connect Internet-based service provider systems with ZigBee users everywhere, allowing them both to take advantage of cost and energy efficiencies. This standard complements a number of ZigBee standards using the ZigBee PRO specification:

  • ZigBee Building Automation
  • ZigBee Health Care
  • ZigBee Home Automation
  • ZigBee Retail Services
  • ZigBee Smart Energy
  • ZigBee Telecom Services

ZigBee Gateway gives service providers the opportunity to leverage universal adapters between ZigBee networks and IP-based networks, allowing them to mitigate risks, realize economies of scale, reduce development time, increase usage understanding, and even invite a broader pool of suppliers that will drive innovation and cost.

It's a smart and easy way to expand ZigBee control benefits between user and provider. All ZigBee Network Devices are ZigBee Certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, allowing anyone to purchase with confidence. Because these unique devices can support numerous ZigBee standards, they will only wear the ZigBee Certified logo and will not have an interoperability icon.

You can learn more about ZigBee Gateway by reading our white paper, "Understanding ZigBee Gateway."