ZigBee Light Link Benefits  

  • Designed 100% specifically for lighting applications
  • Dimming, color setting, group setting and scene creation just for you -- and from anywhere
  • Simple Touchlink mechanism to add components and manage your lighting network
  • Products are do-it-yourself friendly and self-service retail ready
  • Internet remote control option via smart phone, computer or tablet extend your control convenience
  • Products from different manufacturers will be ZigBee Certified and wear same Light icon to simplify shopping
  • No complicated and expensive wired control solutions are required
  • Competitive technology solutions will be offered by numerous chip and software vendors
  • Open standard approach creates price competitive marketplace
  • Ensures power-efficient control solutions and low maintenance cost
  • Efficient ZigBee technology ensures very efficient power solutions, low installation and maintenance costs
  • AES 128 encryption used to protect lighting network against unauthorized use
  • Device authentications secures networks from neighboring networks
  • Uses selected ZigBee channels to maximize performance and coexistence with other wireless devices in homes
  • Conformance guaranteed with ZigBee Certified testing conducted by independent test facilities
  • Ensures different manufacturers remotes operates other manufacturers products
  • Add products from different manufacturers easily
  • Designed by lighting industry leaders to leverage expertise
  • One wireless standard and ZigBee Certified testing ensures interoperability of all products
  • Open, freely available networking supported by the ZigBee Alliance
  • 2.4 GHz global operation
  • Long battery life mesh technology
  • Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors