ZigBee PRO Green Power Feature  

With the enhanced ZigBee 2012 specification, the ZigBee PRO feature set gains an new optional feature: Green Power. The ZigBee PRO Green Power feature allows battery-less devices to securely join ZigBee PRO networks. It is the most eco-friendly way to power ZigBee products such as sensors, switches, dimmers and many other devices. These devices can now be powered just by using widely available, but often missed sources of energy like motion, light, vibration, to name a few. The energy used to flip a typical light switch via common energy harvesting techniques, is powerful enough to generate and send commands through a ZigBee PRO 2012 network.

You can read more details about this innovation in our New ZigBee PRO Feature: Green Power - Connecting Battery-Free Devices white paper. 



In the example above (reload this page in your browser to view animation again), a ZigBee PRO 2012 network is Green Power-ready if two of its devices implement the Green Power Proxy and Green Power Sink functionalities. The Proxy interfaces with the Green Power device and is typically part of an always powered on device that serves as a ZigBee PRO router. The Sink function (lamp) is typically found in the target device to be controlled and handles the interpretation of the Green Power device (energy harvesting light switch) commands. Both Proxy and Sink functionalities need to be present in a ZigBee PRO 2012 network and they can even be implemented in the same device.


While ZigBee PRO networks have always been efficient power users, the ZigBee PRO Green Power feature significantly expands the capabilities of ZigBee PRO. It strengthens its leadership position as the global standard for wireless sensor and control networks and the Internet of Things. Product manufacturers can implement ZigBee into more products with confidence, knowing ZigBee is backed by a thriving, innovative and competitive ecosystem vs. proprietary and single-source technologies.

With ZigBee PRO Green Power products, consumers and businesses will appreciate the install-it and forget it simplicity. They can add ZigBee devices to more areas with greater ease, including locations where power is unavailable, not allowed for safety reasons or for historical preservation purposes. Plus, these devices can join larger ZigBee networks and deliver more control than ever before.