Certified Products Overview  

Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of companies who are members of the ZigBee Alliance, a growing number of ZigBee Certified products are available today to help you control your world -- whether you're at home, work or at play.

In fact, a wide variety of utilities/energy service providers, consumer electronic companies, health care groups, hotels and governments have already installed myriad ZigBee products. So, it's likely you'll be touched by the innovation of ZigBee control in many ways throughout your day.

Our members have created a variety of reliable and easy-to-use products that help you live a greener lifestyle with a smart home or office. Other products are designed to help you do more with mobile devices like your smart phone, laptop and other electronic products.

We've organized our growing list of ZigBee Certified products based on the standard they support. Always look for the ZigBee Certified logo and match the icon when buying products. Every product wearing these symbols has been tested to ensure that it delivers the promise of reliable interoperability. By simply matching the icons, you can easily create your ideal network from a mix of products made by different manufacturers. 

ZigBee Building Automation products integrate and centralize the management of lighting, heating, cooling and security
ZigBee Remote Control products provide advanced remote control features that deliver the best control of CE devices
ZigBee Smart Energy products allow for greener homes, businesses and utilities
ZigBee Health Care products facilitate independence, plus overall health, wellness and fitness awareness
ZigBee Home Automation products create smarter, more energy-efficient and secure homes
ZigBee Input Device products provide energy efficient and easy-to-use keyboards, touchpads, mice, wands for consumer electronics and computers
ZigBee Light Link ZigBee Light Link products are easy-to-use for lighting control via your smartphone, tablet or remote control
ZigBee Retail Services ZigBee Retail Services products - modernization of the retail experience from point-of-manufacture to point-of-sale is now underway
ZigBee Telecom Services products enable smarter mobile devices that guide, inform and boost sales
  ZigBee Gateway products connect a wide variety of ZigBee networks to the Internet or with service providers