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Innovation thrives in the ZigBee Alliance where hundreds of organizations work together every day to solve market challenges by creating smart ZigBee standards that are the foundation of every easy-to-use ZigBee Certified product.

Vigorous activity by the Alliance and its members in the global market means ZigBee is always making news and winning awards. Below, you can see the most recent ZigBee news from the Alliance and its members.

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ZigBee Remote Control 2.0: Updated Standard for Radio Frequency-Based Remote Controls - Sep 10 2014
Standard offers new features with state-of-the-art remote control technology and smart home integration
ZigBee Certified Products Surpass 1,000 - Aug 26 2014
Continual growth in ZigBee Certified products signals the growing demand for the Internet of Things
920IP: Low-power, IPv6 Networking for Home Energy Management by ZigBee Alliance - Jul 01 2014
Standard brings benefits of multi-hop mesh networking to ECHONET Lite devices
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Mission Possible - Oct 15 2014
Fitchburg Star
7 of the Best New Product Releases for 2014 - Oct 15 2014
Hospitality Magazine
The Internet of Things Adopts the Main Consideration of ZigBee IP - Oct 05 2014
Dave Ross Blog