Upcoming Industry Events  

The ZigBee Alliance and its members offer unique points of view and provide an energizing presence at a number of events across the globe. These face-to-face industry events are vital opportunities for non-Alliance members to learn about ZigBee innovation and ignite their own creativity. This year we will participate in the following events:

Jul 10, 2014
Columbus, OH

Jul 24, 2014
San Francisco, CA

Aug 5, 2014
Boston, MA

Aug 14, 2014
Philadelphia, PA

Aug 21, 2014
Chicago, IL

Wincor Executive Forum

Please join your peers and executives from Wincor Nixdorf for a thought-provoking discussion of the latest trends and technologies for the Banking and Retail industries.

Participate in collaborative breakout sessions and learn how your organization can leverage technology to improve efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Learn more about Wincor Executive Forum.

Sep 3-5, 2014
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT 2014)

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SINEC)
Shanghai, China

Following its success at the 2013 show, the 8th Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT 2014) will continue its goal of providing a top regional platform for China's rapidly growing intelligent building market focusing on the three core themes currently highest in demand across East China: Building Efficiency, Intelligent Cities and Smart Homes.

Three thematic display zones: "Building Efficiency, Energy Management & Building Automation Zone", "Data Center and Generic Cabling Zone" and the newly launched "Home Technology Zone" are highlighted in the 2014 show. Together with a series of influential seminar programme, SIBT offer exhibitors an ideal platform to explore business opportunities and to network with targeted trade buyers, industry players and professionals.

SIBT 2014 will be held concurrently with Shanghai International Lighting Fair and ISH Shanghai & CIHE. Three fairs together will demonstrate the latest integrated application of energy-saving technology and products for the intelligent and green building industry-focused market in the aspect of lighting control, ventilation & air-conditioning, as well as engineering, building and smart home automation in China's fast growing building market.

Learn more about SIBT 2014.

Sep 22-23, 2014
London, UK

Telecoms for Smart Grids

London, UK

SMi's 4th annual Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will address the current development of both UK and european communications infrastructures for smart grid development andmetering deployment, data communication infrastructure and integration, substation automation, distribution network upgrades, and business process management. For the UK key market developments will be addressed with contributions form both the Department for Energy and Climate Change and theData Communications Company.

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Sep 24-25, 2014
Paris, France

IBS 2014

Paris, France

Whether commercial, industrial or collective, Smart Building provides concrete answers thanks to the widespread use of networks and interoperable digital technologies. The new opportunities for collecting, reporting and processing of information in real time allows the control and supervision in line with all the amenities, but also to interact with all stakeholders buildings. Since 2010, IBS is the first and only show dedicated to intelligent systems for building. This is your opportunity to communicate your expertise and to boost the image of your business.

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Nov 6-7, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

Antenna Systems 2014

Las Vegas, NV

Antenna Systems 2014 brings the industry together to evaluate new market opportunities, implement new technologies and discover future applications and technical developments. This symposium, taking place November 6-7 in Las Vegas, NV, will have five tracks to address the antenna market including Antenna Design, Integration & Manufacturing, 4G Developments & Insights, Emerging & Growth Applications, Supporting Technology & Integration, and Short-Range Wireless Technologies. Each track is designed to cover the latest advancements in the applications, technology, materials, and economic development of antennas and antenna systems.

Learn more about Antenna Systems 2014.

Nov 12-13, 2014
Munich, Germany

Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications

Munich, Germany

The brand Elektronik, electronica show and ZVEI are consequently staging the 11. Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications on November 12.-13. November 2014 in Munich, in parallel to electronica show.

As they increase in performance, wireless technologies are also becoming more complex. No matter whether in the industrial, consumer, communication or computer sector: Innovation is progressing in a variety of directions, encompassing a whole number of different applications, markets and standards. The specialist's thirst for information is thus growing at a fast pace.

All in all an excellent forum for an exchange of knowledge and experience among wireless professionals.

Learn more about Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications.

Jan 6-9, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada

The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. CES showcases more than 3,200 exhibitors, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 300 sessions; and more than152,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

Visit the ZigBee Member Pavilion, South Hall, Booth #21024

Learn more about CES.

Feb 3-5, 2015
San Diego, CA

DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

DistribuTECH is the leading annual T&D event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home. DistribuTECH offers industry professionals more information and networking opportunities than any other annual event. The conference and exhibition offer information, products and services related to electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, communications technologies, cyber security, water utility technology and more. DistribuTECH offers two dynamic co-located events: Utility Products Exposition and Electric Light and Power Executive Conference. Please visit distributech.com for more information.

Learn more about DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition.


Past Events

Jun 12 Wincor Executive Forum, Montreal, QC
Jun 10 Wincor Executive Forum, Charlotte, NC
Jun 9-12 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE 2014), Guangzhou, China
Jun 9-12 Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology (GEBT 2014), Guangzhou, China
Jun 3-7 Computex Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Jun 3-5 LIGHTFAIR® International, Las Vegas
Jun 3 Internet of Things, Eindhoven
May 28-30 Expo Comm Wireless Japan, Tokyo, Japan
May 13-15 CONNECTIONS™, San Francisco, CA
Mar 30-Apr 4
Light + Building, Frankfurt, Germany
Feb 26-28 International Smart Grid Expo, Tokyo, Japan
Jan 29-31 Smart Energy Japan 2014, Tokyo Japan - Presentation
Jan 28-30 DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition, San Antonio, TX
Jan 21-23 AHR Expo, New York City
Jan 7-10 2014 International CES, Las Vegas
Dec 12-13 Antenna Systems 2013, Las Vegas
Dec 10 ZigBee Retail Services Online Webinar
Nov 12-13 IoT Connectivity, London, UK
Nov 6-7 Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications, Munich, Germany
Nov 6-7 ZigBee European Developers' Conference, Munich, Germany
Oct 15-17 European Utility Week 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 1-2 2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit, Washington, DC
Sep 25-28 CEDIA Expo, Denver, CO
Sep 25-26 Intelligent Building Systems, Paris, France
Sep 13-17 IBC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jul 9-11 A National Town Meeting on DEMAND RESPONSE + SMART GRID, Washington DC
Jun 4-8 Computex Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan - Presentation
Jun 4
Internet of Things Event, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
May 29-31
Wireless Japan, Tokyo, Japan - Presentation
May 21-23
CTIA 2013
Apr 16-18
Metering China, Beijing, China
Mar 11-12
European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security - London, UK - Presentation
Jan 29-31 Distributech Conference & Exhibition
Jan 28-30 2013 AHR EXPO - Dallas, TX - Presentation
Jan 8-11 CES, Las Vegas, NV
Dec 3 - 6 Grid-Interop - Presentation
Nov 20-22 Smart Utilities - Melbourne, Australia - Presentation
Nov 14-15 Wireless Congress 2012, Munich, Germany - Presentation
Oct 9-11 Smart Homes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 2-4 GridWeek, Washington DC
Sep 12 Wireless China Industry Summit 2012 - Presentation
Sep 5-8 CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, IN
Jun 27-28 6th European ZigBee Developers' Conference 2012, Munich, Germany - Presentations
Jun 6  Internet of Things
Jun 5-9 Computex Taipei - Presentations
May 30-Jun 1 Wireless Japan, Tokyo, Japan - Presentations
May 30 ConnectivityWeek 2012, Santa Clara, CA
May 9-11
LIGHTFAIR 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 27-29 METERINGChina Trade Show 2012, Hangzhou, China
Mar 12-13 European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum, London, UK
Feb 20-24 HiMSS, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jan 24-26 DistribuTECH, San Antonio, Texas
Jan 23-25 2012 AHR EXPO®, Chicago, IL- Presentation
Jan 10-13 CES - Las Vegas, Nevada
Dec 5-8 Grid-Interop, Phoenix, AZ
Nov 14-15 European Smart Grid Cyber Security and Privacy - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nov 9-10 Wireless Congress 2011 - Munich, Germany
Nov 8-10 9th Smart Utilities Australia & New Zealand - Sydney, Australia
Nov 2-4 Asia Smart Grid 2011 - Suntec, Singapore - Presentation
Oct 28 WSN in the Real World – A Workshop - Barcelona, Spain - Presentations
Oct 4-6 Metering/Billing CRM Europe / Smart Homes - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sep 26 ZigBee SIG-GC Technology and Application Forum - SuZhou, China
Sep 20-22 AMR China  - Beijing, China
Sep 18-20 Itron Users Conference - Scottsdale, AZ
Sep 7-10 CEDIA Expo - Indianapolis, IN
Sep 1-2 Wireless China Industry Summit - Beijing, China
Aug 3-5 WaveForum - San Diego, CA
Jun 9-10 2nd Annual Smart Grid China Summit - Beijing, China - Presentation
Jun 1-2 Smart Grid Technology Conference - San Jose, CA
May 25-27 EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN - Tokyo, Japan
May 23-26 Connectivity Week - Santa Clara, CA
May 23-26 CS Week - Orlando, FL
May 18-19 European ZigBee Developers' Conference - Munich, Germany - Presentation
May 10-13 ISGCA 2011 - Beijing, China
May 3-4 Networked Grid 2011 - San Francisco, CA
May 1-3 ATA 2011: 16th Annual International Meeting and Exposition - Tampa, FL
Apr 19-21 Metering China 2011 - Guangzhou, China
Apr 19-20 World Meter Design Congress - Dallas, TX
Apr 18-21 Metering America - Dallas, TX
Apr 11-15 Strong Smart Grid Week - Beijing, China - Presentation
Apr 6-8 ALCA Spring 2011 Meeting - San Antonio, TX
Mar 14-15 European Smart Grid Cyber Security Forum - London
Mar 10-11 China Plug-In Electric Vehicle Forum 2011 - Shanghai, China
Feb 20-24 HiMSS - Orlando, FL
Feb 13-15 Smart Energy Canada 2011
Feb 1-3 DistribuTECH
Jan 31-Feb 2 2011 AHR EXPO
Jan 6-9 CES
Dec 6 SmartGrids Middle East - Presentation
Dec 1-3 Grid-Interop
Nov 22-24 M2M Business Exchange
Nov 10-11 Wireless Congress 2010: Systems & Applications
Nov 2-4 SmartGrids China 2010 - Presentation
Oct 26-29 World Smart Grid China Focus 2010 - Presentation
Oct 18-21 GridWeek
Oct 17-19 2010 ITRON User's Conference - Presentation
Sep 22-26 CEDIA EXPO 2010 - Presentation
Sep 22-24 Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2010 - Presentation
Sep 22-24 Smart Homes 2010 - Presentation
Sep 21-11 The Connected Home World Summit 2010
Sep 21-22 Intelligent Building Systems - Paris, France
Sep 1-2 Wireless China Industry Summit - Presentation - Photo Gallery
Aug 15-18 Cablelabs - Keystone CO
Jul 14-16 Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2010
May 24-27 ConnectivityWeek - Presentations
May 16-18 ATA 2010
Apr 27-28 European ZigBee Developers Conference - Presentations - Photo Gallery
Apr 14-16 MeteringChina 2010 Conference & Exhibition - Xi'an, China - Closing Announcement
Mar 25-27 EHX Spring 2010 - Orlando, FL - Presentation
Mar 24

M2M Seminar at CTIA - Las Vegas, NV - Presentation

Mar 23-25 DistribuTECH - Tampa, Florida
Mar 7-10 Metering, Billing/MDM America 2010 - San Diego, CA
Mar 7-9 World Meter Design Congress - San Diego, CA
Mar 1-4 HiMSS - Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 2-3 Empowering Grid Communications - Santa Clara, Ca
Jan 31 - Feb 2 SmartEnergy Canada - Presentation
Jan 25-27 2010 AHR EXPO® - Orlando, FL - Presentation
Jan 7-10 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - Las Vegas, NV
Dec 9-10 Evolution of Demand Response and Energy Efficiency - Miami, Florida
Dec 1-2 Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit - London, England
Nov 17-19 Grid-Interop, Denver, CO
Nov 16-18 M2M Business - Brussels, Belgium - Presentation
Nov 3-5 Smartgrids China 2009 Conference & Exhibition - Beijing, China - Presentation
Nov 2-3 Global Green Telecom Summit - Etisalat Training Academy - Dubai, UAE
Oct 21-22 Metering, Billing/CRM Australia/New Zealand - Sydney, Australia - Presentation
Oct 21-22 Wireless Congress 2009: Systems & Applications - Munich, Germany - Presentation
Oct 16 ZigBee Australian Smart Energy Forum - Presentations
Oct 6-8 Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2009 - Barcelona, Spain
Sep 27–29 Itron Users Conference - Phoenix, AZ - Presentation
Sep 15-17 AMRChina 2009 International Symposium & Innovation Exposition
 - Shanghai, China
Sep 9-13 CEDIA Expo 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia - Presentations
Sep 2-3 Wireless China Industry Summit - Beijing, China - Presentation
Aug 3-6 LANDIS+GYR'S Exchange 2009 User Conference - Kansas City, MO - Presentation
Jul 22-24 Wireless Japan - Presentations
Jun 30- July 1 European ZigBee Developers' Conference - Presentation
Jun 8-11 ConnectivityWeek / ZigBee Expo - Presentations
May 26-28 METERINGChina 2009 Conference & Exhibition - Presentation
May 19-20 EUCI's Demand Response & Energy Efficiency World
Apr 5-8 Comverge Users Conference - Presentation
Apr 2 M2M: Show Me the Money - Presentation
Mar 22-25 Metering, Billing/CIS America 2009 - Presentations
Feb 23-24 World Meter Design Congress 2009 - Presentations
Feb 13 European Smart Energy Forum - Presentations
Feb 3-5 DistribuTECH - Presentation
Jan 26-28 2009 AHR EXPO® - Presentation
Jan 8-11 CES